Orio al Faceto airport APP – Prototype

Request from the client:

Giving people the opportunity to improve the experience of waiting for departure (via app)


To understand how to improve the airport experience we started from Benchamark, to understand how competitors move and which tools they use. At this stage, research on the various social channels was very useful, to extrapolate comments and reviews from travelers.



We then defined three types of proto-personas:

– who travels for work (business)

– who travels for pleasure, with a limited budget (low-cost)

– who travels for pleasure, without money issue (luxury)

During the workshop we focused on Business



We have designed and conducted interviews to extrapolate the needs of people who visit airports for work.

At the same time, we interviewed the client to understand his real needs and what kind of services are offered by the airport today.


From needs to functions

Starting from the needs that emerged from the interviews, we have drawn up a list of macro-functions that our app should have in order to respond to the specific people’s needs, to respond to client’s needs and to differentiate itself from competitors.


Personas and Scenario

After giving birth to a personas: Philip, we developed a scenario:

Filippo, purchasing director for China, often travels for work, especially on the Milan-Singapore route. He usually buys his ticket the same day through the airport’s App. After booking his flight to Singapore, he checks the waiting times for queues at the airport. He books a taxi to the airport and he orders pizza to eat at the airport. While on the taxi he receives a notification: the flight is delayed. He then decides to book a workstation for a meeting, and he changes the location and time of the pizza delivery.
He arrives at the airport and he reaches the meeting room, while working the pizza has been delivered. He receives a notification that the flight is about to depart at another gate with the info and the minutes to reach it. He leaves.


Philip’s goal: while traveling to the airport, to book a meeting room and to move the dinner delivery to the meeting room


Customer journey

On the basis of the scenario we have created the customer journey indicating for each moment the specific functions used in the App.



Based on the functions, the wireframe of the App has been designed with the relative navigation flows.

For the project we focused on the functionalities of:

– Flight status control

– Late flight notification

– meeting room reservation

– change place and time of pizza delivery



Using Figma we created the prototype with the main functions drawn in the wireframe, creating a testable and navigable version.

_ Instruments

App Prototype