Marketing Campaign

Dental Coach

Dental Coach – Dr. Montosi

Dental Coach is a new brand, a new professional figure, born from the mind of Dr. Gianpaolo Montosi: the owner of the dental studio Dr. Gian Paolo Montosi

Request from the client:

Create a communication strategy able to introduce the new “Dental Coach” profile.

To create a communication campaign that, in addition to arousing curiosity, was also able to present this new professional figure in an engaging way.


A marketing/communication strategy has been developed:


– six promo/cards, linked together by a story, which was distributed over six months (first month – end of July 2014; last month – December just before Christmas)


– creation of a character that represented the figure of the dental coach with some characteristic traits of Dr. Montosi


– the cards have been numbered in progressive order 1/6, 2/6,…6/6 to allow their collection


To encourage customer loyalty, it was decided to give a “smartbox” gift to the first customers who, at the end of the campaign, had brought all the printed cards in the studio.

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December 2015